Many women struggle with breastfeeding because they are given conflicting advice during pregnancy and their hospital stay. A cohesive philosophy can make all the difference to a new family struggling to understand and feed their baby.

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Your postpartum expert is like the mother, sister, or best friend—she is there to help you with whatever you need. She can help you learn about your baby, your postpartum body, and breastfeeding.

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The latest trend in postpartum self-care, placentophagia (or consumption of one’s placenta) has grabbed the attention of Chicago mothers-to-be.

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Belly Binding 

Belly binding is a quick and safe way to support your core muscles after delivery of your baby. This can assist lower back pain, a feeling of “jelly belly” or separation of the abdominal muscles during pregnancy.
At MCC we use the Bengkung method of binding your abdomen with a soft muslin cloth. We also use this time with our clients to explore how they are coping with parenthood and/or offer verbal support in the areas of infant care, breastfeeding, and transitioning into their new role. To us, this postpartum binding of the abdominals is as much an emotional ritual as a physical ritual.
At our first visit with you, we supply you with two wraps, bind your abdomen, and teach the practice to whomever is at home with you at that time. $50
Subsequent visits are for binding only, and can be purchased as a package. Discount given for multiple binding session packages.
A discount is available for clients adding this service onto prenatal contracts for lactation, postpartum doula, and/or placenta encapsulation services. 



Postpartum Planning

The importance of self-care and planning does not disappear after the birth of your baby. Your ability to take care of yourself may have a direct effect on your experience with your newborn. Mothers are told they need to rest, eat well, and bond with their baby however, they may not be given the unbiased support to do so.
As a part of our comprehensive postpartum care, we offer Postpartum Planning sessions. This service helps you to identify what you will need assistance with when baby arrives, and who you can count on to provide that support.
The plan is tailored to your specific household, social network, and dreams for the changes to your family. It will allow you to take care of everyone, while keeping your body and emotions in mind.
We will assist you to prioritize what is important to you so we can determine how you can maximize your time with your baby. This will allow you to rest while others to assist you with the tasks that are important to your relaxation and peace of mind. 
$75 for a 1 to 1.5 hour session